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B/R Exclusive Interview: Ryan Sheckler Talks About Oakley & Plans for the Future

Ryan Allen Sheckler born December 30, [1] is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur, and was the star of the MTV -produced reality television series Life of Ryan. Sheckler was raised in a family of three children—his two younger brothers are named Shane and Kane. Sheckler’s father provided encouragement by revealing that he had learned his first kickflip when he was approximately six years of age. Sheckler’s sponsors were the etnies skate shoe company and Oakley, Inc.

Read Common Sense Media’s Life of Ryan review, age rating, and parents guide​. celebrity skateboarder Ryan Sheckler is among the tamer of MTV’s offerings. Skateboarding, family, friendship, and dating are central themes of the show.

When it comes to performance, Athletes always try to make the most out of every opportunity they get. No wonder, skater Ryan Sheckler knows this much better, as he has been performing with his skateboard since a very early age. He is indeed the youngest person to turn professional in the world of skateboarding. Ryan is great with his skate, and it’s more like a miracle to watch him in action. But how much do we know about his life beyond the skate parks?

Perhaps not! So today, we will discover his parents, dating affairs and every other thing you wanted to know about him in this life snippet of Ryan. The years-old American professional skateboarder got his first board when he was just 18 months old. In an interview with Network A in , Ryan told that he enjoys spending time with his family and doing other kinds of stuff, like surfing and relaxing. Happy Father’s Day dad!

Ryan Sheckler Is Back!

Ryan Sheckler Skateboarding. Work with me. La Palma California United States.

Height ryan sheckler now dating cm Hair color Dark brown Eye color Green Weight. The first official trailer for the Plan B full-length video was published in July.

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Ryan Sheckler Biography

He paces back and forth inside the Roosevelt Hotel before sitting down for a moment and then getting back up. A part of him wants to get on his skateboard nestled against the wall and a part of him wants to rest but he can’t do either at the moment. Sheckler has been one of the most recognizable skateboarders since exploding onto the scene six years ago when at 14 years old he won gold at the X Games as well as winning at the Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown and Slam City Jam.

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Register to update information, save favorites, post photos, news stories and comments. Main Details. Who is Ryan Sheckler dating right now? We’re not sure. If you know, please let send us a tip Christina Perrault. September November – April

Ryan Sheckler

It’s and Ryan Sheckler has won gold at the X-Games. At 13, he’s the youngest ever winner. As a result, he’s become the world’s most famous skateboarder since Tony Hawk. The years that follow are predictably manic. There are magazine covers, lucrative endorsement deals, a successful reality show, an appearance on Scooby Doo , and addiction battles—all of which we’ll cover later.

Who is Ryan Sheckler dating right now? We’re not sure. If you know, please let send us a tip.

Check the local ads. Many franchises advertise opportunities in them. In order to be successful, make sure you know how to manage your funding as many businesses go under from failed management. This rumor has circulated for a long time but has never been confirmed by either party. They are currently dating and have been since he appeared on Fantasy Factory. I read on the net that they had been dating for like 3 months and she lives in Australia and is an actress.

He has also been seen with a couple other none blondes’ so the answer is YES! What is the dot above the lowercase ‘i’ and ‘j’ called?

Q&A with Ryan Sheckler

I’ve been boxing dating over a girlfriend now. That alone has opened up my hips to a range that I’ve never had opened. I’m 27 years old and I’m getting more flexible, stronger and smarter. It gives me chills because I love it so much. I now into my park and I’ll start skating, then I’ll look at the clock and three dating passed.

The American athlete, Ryan is currently dating a hot girlfriend, Mia Bonde. The duo is now in the second year of their relationship and sharing a.

The fact that this guy had a big time sponsor at the age of seven is absolutely tremendous in my opinion, but when I had a chance to talk to him about his experiences as a skater and his plans for the future, I realized that there is more than just his poise on the board that makes him impressive. The thing about having success at such an early age is that many people have a tendency to let it get to their heads.

They end up forgetting where they came from, forgetting the people that got them to where they are and often times, forgetting the very people that gave them the shot. Anytime that the word family comes up in regards to a sponsorship it has to cause you to think very highly of both the sponsor and the person being sponsored. Speaking of loyalty, I really had to wonder what it was like to work into that position as such a young kid, so I asked Ryan how he ever even got himself to that position My whole life has been the skate life.

I think it just came with practicing and practicing and skating contests, and just being in the skate world as a little guy. Obviously Ryan understood the necessary steps that it took to pursue his dreams. I had heard rumors of a skate video that he wanted to put on, so I asked him about that and his plans for upcoming competitions I asked him a little bit more about the video and his plans to give the proceeds away to charity


Melissa Pastrana and Ryan Sheckler are separa. Ryan Sheckler and Emma Roberts separated in A. Ryan Sheckler and AJ Michalka are separated. Kayla Kudla and Ryan Sheckler are separated. Ryan Sheckler. True Short Film Perspective:.

However, like many young celebrities he got tangled up in drugs and alcohol and now says that he had to leave that hectic energy behind and.

Because she’s such a cutie pie and the only woman in this crowd of skateboarders and dudes, fans have wondered over the years if she’s been romantically connected with any of the men who pop up on the MTV show. There were rumors about Chanel and Dyrdek as well as Chanel and Brim , but both of those relationships are strictly platonic. When Sheckler showed up on Ridiculousness in December , he even sat next to Chanel, giving the two a chance to spend some time together.

When Ryan Sheckler visited Ridiculousness in December , Rob Dyrdek couldn’t resist poking fun at the “teenage heartthrob factor” attached to Sheckler. With Sheckler sitting right there, Dyrdek asked the audience, “Have any of you ladies ever screamed for Ryan Sheckler? Dyrdek added, “I don’t care how pretty he is. He’s a skateboarder. Dyrdek went on to share with the audience that Sheckler won his first pro contest at 13 years old.

With such an impressive history, Dyrdek then dedicated the episode to so-called child prodigies in a segment he hilariously called, child “not-igies,” which included videos of kids who were not exactly talented at sports. Dyrdek added, “We decided to dedicate a category to people who are not you. But is there a connection between them? Let’s see. For fans who aren’t already familiar, Ryan Sheckler has experienced many ups and downs in his life.

He said, “Everything for me started revolving around drinking.

Life of Ryan

Watch the trailer. This story is based where the skateboard culture is the most foreign, the Midwest. Derrick Cabrera, like all skaters, has a dream of being sponsored and one day going pro.

Ryan Allen Sheckler is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur​, and was the star. Date of Birth Official Site of Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.

A child prodigy turned professional skateboarder, world-renowned athlete, teenage and heartthrob, business owner, charity founder and TV star has made his name synonymous with skateboarding. What this year-old has already accomplished as a teenager, most could only dream of accomplishing in a lifetime. Yet, the SoCal teen is focused like a laser beam on his future. He started rolling on a skateboard in his driveway at 18 months, and by the time he was 4, he could do ollies.

At 7, he got a mini-ramp in the backyard and began skating every day. Once his incredible talents began to take form, so began the travels of Ryan and his intrepid mom, Gretchen. Between and , Ryan took multiple podiums on the Vans Warped Tour. He was runner-up and winner at the U. From there, it was officially on. At 17, he made the cover of the May issue of The Skateboard Mag. One year later, Ryan worthily graced their cover again and the same spot on Transworld SKATEboarding magazine, where he was interviewed for a second time.

Now one of the leading members on the Plan B skate team, Ryan recently dropped a heavy hammer of tricks in their promo video Superfuture, letting his skating once again speak loudly and clearly for itself.

Callaway Live (S1, EP 22) – Skateboard Icon Ryan Sheckler